Q: How many weddings have you photographed?

A: I’ve been shooting weddings for over 13 years, clocking in at… I have no idea how many. Phew! The great thing about weddings though, is that each one is unique, so there’s always something fun and new to shoot. I’ve had the honor of shooting weddings all across the country and several foreign locations.

Q: Is retouching included in your pricing?

A: No.

  1. I think you are gorgeous and amazing just as you are, really! For this reason I do not offer slimming or shape altering services. I will, however, help to guide you into flattering poses so that you feel like the superstar that you are!
  2. If you are concerned about blemishes or other small things, my recommended hair and makeup artists are wizards and will work with you to make you look/feel your best! Consider hiring them to stay for a touchup after the ceremony before we do family photos and your creative portraits. I will always try to let you know when you have a hair out of place, a makeup smudge, a stain, etc. but am not responsible for noticing or taking care of these items.
  3. As a special gift to you, because you’re awesome, I’m happy to offer skin-smoothing, teeth-whitening and small blemish removal on 15 of your favorite photos free of charge. Please send me the list of photos all at once and allow 2-3 weeks for the edits to be completed.
  4. Any additional retouching such as removing makeup stains, removing background items/people, face swaps and anything beyond your 15 chosen images will incur a per-image fee based on the intricacy of the request. Please let me know about your requests all at once for maximum efficiency.
Q: Do you work from a shot list?

A: Short answer: no. I LOVE to have a list of your important, posed family photos so we can get the shots you want done quickly and painlessly (there’s only so much forced smiling your face can handle.) However, working from a list your entire wedding is not good for either of us. My favorite photos often happen spontaenously and there’s no way I could have captured them at all, much less well, if I’m looking at a list. My friend Lauren Lindley once said it best, “you are not that person and I am not that photographer.”

Q: What do you shoot with?

A: I shoot with two Canon 5D Mark IVs and all Canon L Series lenses. They’re pretty. I also have an additional backup camera, tons of back-up cards, batteries, etc so I’m prepared for any equipment situation, should it arise.

Q: Do you use lights when you shoot?

A: Nope! Your wedding day should be all about you, and I’ve found that using lights takes so much set-up/breakdown time that it just cuts into your valuable shoot time, plus it’s just not my style. I’ve spent many years perfecting my flash technique for any less-than-ideal light conditions.

Q: How many hours should I book you for?

A: That really depends on your event. I’m happy to offer by the hour pricing for small/budget events and portrait sessions. For a typical wedding day (getting ready, ceremony, portraits, reception), I’d recommend 6-8 hours of coverage. For portrait shoots, usually an hour is enough but if you’d like to shoot at multiple locations or do outfit changes, I’d up the time to two hours.

Q: When and how will I get my images?

A: You will receive your edited images on a USB flash drive by mail NO LATER than 8 weeks after your event. I will send you a few previews within a week of your shoot. I take great care in editing your images to perfection and sometimes that only takes a week, but it will never take longer than two months. I will also upload your photos to my gallery at www.pixieset.com where you can download them, send the link to family and friends and order prints. You are free to post your images wherever you like and order prints from CVS if you want to, my lab is just an option.

Q: Do you require a deposit? If so, how much? Can we just do a verbal agreement instead?

A: Deposits are due when we both sign my contract and are half or 1/3 of the entire fee. This part of my schtick is non-negotiable. This deposit ensures that your date is secure and no one else can book me that day. Shoots are booked on a first-come, first-served basis meaning if two clients inquire about the same date, I will book whoever gets me a deposit and contract first. I’ll do my absolute best to be fair and communicate quickly should this situation arise.

Q: What the heck does Nemus mean anyway? That’s not your last name!

A: Nemus (n) Latin: a sacred tree or grove. I wish I could say there’s some deep meaning to choosing Nemus but really I’m just obsessed with treesand I didn’t think my last name was cool enough.