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How did your last family portrait go? Did your kids have fun or did they just force fake smiles and long for the family portrait session to be over? Did you get the digital files, maybe post a few on social media, perhaps make a card and call it good?  Are your kids ever going to see those images?

Or maybe you’ve never had a family portrait done and don’t even know where to start. You’re anxious about how your kids are going to behave. You have never been to Lake Tahoe before and you have no idea where to do your family portrait session.  You have no clue how much this should cost, what to buy in what medium, whether prints or digitals are more important to you, etc.

If either/both of these scenarios sounds like you, I’m your gal! I’m here to make sure that your Lake Tahoe family portrait session ends with art that you and your family can look at and value daily. With over 16 years of experience; exceptional customer service and a unique eye for capturing people as they truly are, Nemus Photography is the ultimate choice for family portraits in Lake Tahoe, Reno, the Bay Area and beyond. If you’ve gotten this far we should probably be friends and here are some tips to make your Lake Tahoe family portrait session as amazeballs as you are:

  • Get the “traditional” shot done first: We want to get this shot done quickly so that we can have lots of time for fun! While I want to focus on candid shots, I completely understand the importance of the “everyone looking at the camera” photo. 
  • Plan an activity: What do you and/or your kids like to do? Let’s do that! Everyone looks nice when they’re having fun, trust us. Do the kids like the lake? Let’s walk on the beach, build sandcastles, skip stones and chase the waves. Did you know if you show a child a duck or pinecone 9 times out of ten they’re gonna be stoked and the one time they aren’t they’ll have a meltdown and be funny? Just saying.
  • Wear what you like: Please, please please don’t wear all matching outfits to your Lake Tahoe family portrait session. Like matching bridesmaids it’s pretty old school and just looks kind of silly. You look best in your favorite outfit because you feel the best in your favorite outfit. This goes for kids too! If they want to wear a batman cape with a Finding Nemo t-shirt and a pink tutu, go for it! I want to capture your super awesome family as they are, not as some magazine says they should be. Try having everyone dress in color families (neutrals, cool tones, warm tones, jewel tones, etc) or in different shades of the same color. Try to avoid large patterns or prints as they can be distracting, but small patterns are fine! The most important thing is that you are comfortable with being outdoors for the length of your session. For the love of everything that is good in this world don’t wear heels or other uncomfortable shoes.
  • Wake up early: You have probably noticed that kids are astonishingly perky in the morning, let’s harness that energy into great photos at your Lake Tahoe family portrait session!!! I’m happy to bring coffee for all the adults and your kids’ excitement will be contagious. Plus, the light at Lake Tahoe in the morning is so pretty!
  • Pick a great location: I’ve got your back on this one! I love to shoot at Sugar Pine Point State Park, “the field” off Highway 267 (if you’ve ever driven on this road, you know the one), Skylandia, Kings Beach and have heaps of other places around Lake Tahoe to suggest. I also love coming to your home or vacation rental! Light is best on the West shore of Lake Tahoe in the morning and the East shore in the evening/afternoon.

The kids aren’t getting any younger, call or send us an email today before they get all growed-up!

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