Discover the Beauty of Tahoe City

If you want to see a place that is full of natural beauty, then Lake Tahoe should be your top choice. In fact, even Mark Twain called it “the fairest picture the whole earth affords.” It is still one of the most popular tourist destinations, though many only associate it with winter and skiing. Nature lovers and outdoor adventurists will have enough activities to keep them active and happy the whole year round. When the snow is gone, visitors can then enjoy hiking or cycling trails, and water sports on the lake itself.

On the banks of the lake is Tahoe City, specifically where the Truckee River meets the lake. It is a 150-year old city that may only occupy a small percentage of the area surrounding the lake, but it has quite a few hidden gems for visitors to discover. Here are some of the must-see attractions in Tahoe City, CA.

The Gatekeepers Museum

If you are a log cabin lover, this is the place to appreciate your favorite structures. This is, however, only a reconstruction of the original Gatekeeper’s cabin. It used to be the residence of the person who had control of the Truckee River gates.

The museum itself offers a good collection of Native American baskets, the history of boating and exhibits from the 1960 Squaw Valley Winter Olympics, highlighting the interesting events that have taken place here.

Fanny Bridge

This is a great bridge to watch the fishes on the water during summer time in Tahoe City, CA. It is called the Fanny Bridge because when visitors lean over for a look, the people driving by will see a long row of well, fannies. Close to the bridge is also a walkway that features where the lake and the river meet. The building of the dam is shown through pictures and information on the lake level for the last 100 years can be found here.

The Commons Beach

In the center of Tahoe City, CA is Commons Beach, where visitors can enjoy sitting on the grass or sunbathing at the beach. Kids can also have fun on the playground, or families can simply enjoy a picnic surrounded by nature. It is also close to the Lakeshore bike path, as well as the location of the Tahoe City Farmers Market during summer. This huge area is perfect even for grass games or outdoor picnics for a lot of people.

Tahoe City Golf Course

This nine-hole golf course offers players a wonderful view of the lake while teeing off. Found just behind downtown, it transforms into the Tahoe City Winter Sports Park during winter. Residents and guests can enjoy some cross-country skiing on its trails, or simply sled down the hill with their kids.

Lake Tahoe Boat Trips

There are quite a few options to explore the lake by boat. There is the Tahoe Gal, which is a paddle wheel type excursion boat, or the Tahoe Cruz, a 50-foot sailboat. You can also go for a bike ride and then bring it on board the North Lake Tahoe Water Shuttle, to get off somewhere else and ride further.

The Lake Tahoe provides a wonderful setting for many little towns and city on its banks, and Tahoe City is no exemption. Beyond the beautiful sights it has to offer, it can also be your base camp for further trips around the area.

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