About Nicky Byrnes

I’ve had a camera in my hand since I can remember. On family vacations each of us had a camera and would come back with several rolls of film. It was great to see different perspectives of the same place. My photos became more refined throughout my childhood as I graduated to my stepdad’s Minolta film SLR. As a teenager and self professed “scene-kid” my interests turned to boys, music and books so my photos changed as well. I would deck myself out in black eyeliner weekly to shoot photographs of my favorite musicians. Bands are still one of my favorite photo subjects by the way, so be prepared if you get me started talking about them. I even got to go on tour a few times channeling my inner Annie Leibowitz and serving as a very important backup vocalist/xylophone/tamoborine player.

That’s me on the right playing with my buds, Rodeo Ruby Love in lord only knows where tiny coffee house. Also I’d like to know where that dress is please.

Yep. I really, truly thought this was a great outfit. Why oh why did Facebook have to be invented the year I started college?

In college I dedicated myself to photography professionally with a degree in photojournalism, then found my calling with a wedding studio at 19.

I’ve since been published in Paste and XLR8R print magazines as well as Billboard Online, Tahoe Unveiled, Borrowed and Blue, The Knot, and Wedding Wire Blogs.

That’s me and my hubby in our happy place, Norway. Yup, we chose a warm, tropical honeymoon NOT.

One of my favorites from our wedding! Photo by Lauren Lindley.

On a more personal note, I’m a former Michigander who has called north Lake Tahoe her home since October 2011. I still miss Michigan beer (the best in the world, don’t argue), cherries, pasties (savory meat pies found in the UP) and warm nights but I couldn’t imagine living anywhere but Tahoe. I’m fascinated by all the quirky, wild, backwoods parts of America and I’m only missing four states on my quest to 50; Oklahoma, New Mexico, Maine and Alaska. I love all things outdoors. I hike or mountain bike almost every day with my Irish Wolfhound/Greyhound mix, Lindy and my big crazy Great Dane Captain. I also love to ski (badly), SUP and kayak, and volunteer with Achieve Tahoe. When I’m not shooting, sleeping, drinking wine with my buds or eating popcorn, I’m probably with my husband Keegan.