5 Best Attractions to Explore in Lake Tahoe

Straddling the state line of California and Nevada are the sparkling freshwaters of Lake Tahoe. Whether you set foot on the highest point of the Alps or dip your fingers into the icy blue waters, Lake Tahoe never ceases to delight its visitors with serenity and adventure rolled into one.  Atop the list of Lake Tahoe’s best are these five attractions.

Soar Truckee

Soar Truckee offers guided glider tours of Sierra Nevada and North Lake Tahoe. Unlike the common way of touring a place by foot or by boat, you can actually enjoy the views of entire Lake Tahoe through gliding. You have a choice of soaring packages that range from $140 to $240 per person. Safety is at hand because you will be guided by FAA certified experts from Soar Nevada. Apart from soaring sports, Soar Truckee also offers other facilities such as on-site camping areas for pilots, shower, flush toilets and a bunkhouse. Take note that Soar Truckee offers tours only during the summer months.

Emerald Bay

At the west shore of Lake Tahoe is a slice of heaven with its lush trees and turquoise waters called the Emerald Bay. Its long shoreline trails across a circular view that offers breathtaking scenery, perfect for taking photos. One of its astounding landmarks is the Vikingsholm Castle built in 1928, which consists of 38 rooms that brews a Scandinavian structure. The famous lakeside is also a place for hiking with the Cascade Falls and Bayview Trails offering thrill-seekers an adventure of a lifetime.

Alpine Ski Resorts

During winter, the whole vista of Lake Tahoe turns into white from every angle. For skiing enthusiasts, the lake provides a wonderful experience on ice with its snowy terrain and rising hills. One of the renowned ski resorts here is the Squaw Valley, a past home to the 1960 Winter Olympics. And to top this whole chilling experience, don’t miss a ride in Heavenly’s Gondola. This 2.4-mile ride is a great activity for skiers and non-skiers as it offers breathtaking views of the lake and other neighboring cities. 

Tallac Historic Sites

Tourists with an eye for cultural places will surely enjoy the Tallac Historical Sites. This location comprises three wealthy estates built between 1894 and 1930, which are now engulfed with big trees and greens. The Baldwin Estate was revived as a museum that showcases the previous settlements in Lake Tahoe. Meanwhile, a grand festival of the Great Gatsby is being held at the Pope House, home to Tahoe’s affluent families during the 1920s. The Valhalla Estate, on the other hand, serves as a common area for social gatherings like weddings and meetings.

Kings Beach

After the icy season, tourists and residents come to bathe themselves in the warm sun at Kings Beach located in the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Its coastline is a great place for sun bathing, kayaking, and swimming while pine trees offer great shade. The shores are open to the public with its recreation area complete with well-maintained public restrooms, barbecue pits, and playground spots. Several water activities like parasailing and kayaking are also offered by in-house stores.

The tranquillity that Lake Tahoe brings is what makes every visitor want to come back the next summer. Escape the bustles of city life and spend some time in this lovely place. Lake Tahoe is truly nature’s treasure waiting for you to discover.

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