wedding venue spotlight at squaw valley

Wedding Venue Spotlight: Squaw Valley

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History and Location

Squaw Valley is a world-famous ski resort in North Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It has more than 3,600 acres open to skiing on its six peaks, and 30 chairlifts. The resort is set in magnificent Placer County, CA where snowfall reaches up to 450 inches every year, and most days are sunny. It is the perfect place for enjoying all seasons outdoors.

The resort was founded in 1949 by Alex Cushing almost by chance—on a visit from the East Coast he broke his ankle skiing, and subsequently became curious about the area. He ended up opening the ski mountain and resort. The attraction remained relatively small (the resort could fit about 50 guests at its busiest!) until Mr. Cushing put in a bid to host the 1960 winter Olympics and succeeded—the rest is history. The area was quickly booming with new businesses and infrastructure, and the resort transformed into what it is today: a top-notch ski resort, vacation destination, and the perfect place for holding special events.

Originally founded as separate entities, the Squaw Valley Resort and Alpine Meadows were joined together in November 2011. Alpine Meadows (originally Ward Peak) was founded by John Riley in 1961, shortly after the Olympics were held at Squaw Valley. Now, both are managed by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC.

In addition to skiing and winter sports, Squaw Valley has a lot to offer, making it the perfect place for your one of a kind wedding! At High Camp, where lodging is located, there are many activities to do such as roller skating, a swimming pool, dining, and shopping. The resort has stunning indoor and outdoor venues that will make it possible to have the wedding of your dreams no matter what you envisioned.

Booking a Wedding at Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley is perfect for both large and small wedding ceremonies—up to 350 guests can be accommodated for indoor venues, but intimate groups work great too. Each wedding ceremony or reception comes with services such as a dedicated banquet team, private menu tastings, tables, chairs, and decorations for your event, and the convenience of having all of the great recreational activities of Lake Tahoe within a few minutes’ walk.

Several venues are available at the resort. High Camp, located at 8200 feet elevation, has a gorgeous aerial view of Lake Tahoe and can serve up to 225 guests for an outdoor event. Olympic Village Lodge or Olympic House can accommodate more guests for an indoor ceremony and offer breathtaking scenery with lush aspen trees and mountain views. Condominium-style lodges offer cozy fireplaces, beautiful exposed ceilings, and private balconies to offer you and your guests a one of a kind experience.

At Squaw Valley, we have a world class bridal faire of wedding professionals including florists, DJ’s, and musicians who are experts in their fields and experienced in coordinating many magnificent weddings. Each is ready for a consult to work with you to plan your perfect ceremony and reception. From taste testing appetizers to planning the lighting, our wedding coordinators manage your event down to every detail to make sure everything goes the way you dreamed. To make the memories of your special date last forever, book your Lake Tahoe wedding photographer today!