Wedding Venue Spotlight: Hellman-Ehrman Mansion

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History and Location

The Hellman-Ehrman Mansion was built in 1903. Starting out as nothing more than a hill of sand, the designer of this home, Walter Danforth Bliss created one of the most beautiful sights at Lake Tahoe.

I.W. Hellman set out to have a home built that would be perfect for entertaining. The result of these two amazing minds led to the creation of the Hellman-Ehrman mansion, a stunning location for any wedding ceremony or reception.

This mansion was the product of the immense wealth that I.W. Hellman had obtained. This legendary location also features buildings that are not directly attached to the property, including: a cottage near the lake, the children’s house, quarters for maids, a butler’s cabin, and a boathouse to name a few! I.W. Hellman was no stranger to entertaining crowds, making this location a perfect one for your wedding festivities!

In 1965, the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion and its vast 1,975-acre surroundings were acquired by the California State Park System who currently owns the property. Currently, the mansion is available for public tours, where it attracts many visitors each year. The beauty of the Hellman-Ehrman mansion and its breathtaking location make it a perfect spot for your special day!

Step back in time to see how the wealthy used to live, with amazing nature all around you. The stunning backdrop of Lake Tahoe serves to provide a beautiful sight, whether it is day or evening. In addition, the vast property of this mansion is filled with incredible locations to pose for your photos. The sprawling lawns that go on forever make entertaining large parties much easier, and are perfect for your reception.

Booking A Wedding at the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion

hellman ehrman mansionThe Hellman-Ehrman Mansion is capable of hosting larger ceremonies, if you have an ample guest list. The maximum capacity for an outdoor wedding ceremony is 200 guests, while an outdoor reception has a maximum of 150 guests. Set up times will start no later than 2:30pm. All wedding events must end by 10:00pm, at the latest. Clean up times are allowed to go later than 10:00pm but must be completed entirely, no later than midnight.

The range for having only your wedding ceremony at the Hellman-Ehrman mansion will be from $1,000 to $2,000. If you want both the ceremony and reception at the mansion, the average costs range from $3,000 to $3,500 for up to 100 guests. If you need accommodations for over 100 guests, there will be an additional $5 fee added for each additional individual. If you are in need of special accommodations, the rental costs will vary, depending on what is needed. All fees do not cover the cost of parking, which is $10 per vehicle.

Enjoy the outdoor environment and perfect weather of Lake Tahoe, as you take in the amazing Hellman-Ehrman Mansion. Located in the heart of Lake Tahoe, this stunning location is great for a ceremony, reception, or both! Book your Lake Tahoe wedding photographer today to make this special day one you will never forget! Dates are being booked fast, so please call at your earliest convenience!