Wedding Venue Spotlight: Hellman-Ehrman Mansion

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History and Location The Hellman-Ehrman Mansion was built in 1903. Starting out as nothing more than a hill of sand, the designer of this home, Walter Danforth Bliss created one of the most beautiful sights at Lake Tahoe. I.W. Hellman set out to have a home built that would be perfect for entertaining. The result of these two amazing minds led to the creation of the Hellman-Ehrman mansion, a stunning location for any wedding ceremony or reception. This mansion was the product of the immense wealth that I.W. Hellman had obtained. This legendary location also features buildings that are not directly attached to the property, including: a cottage near the lake, the children’s house, quarters for maids, a butler’s cabin, …

Squaw Valley Mountain Top Proposal

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Happy Valentines Day everybody!!! In the spirit of V-day I’m sharing this EPIC surprise proposal I shot at the top of the Emigrant lift at Squaw Valley Resort. Yonnie had been planning this for months and I was so excited to be a part of it.¬†We headed up the mountain on a perfect day while the future bride’s best friend kept her distracted. It was such an incredible surprise! Congrats you two!

Top 5 Wedding Planning Sites

My Top 5 Sites for Planning Your Tahoe Wedding

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Wedding planning can become stressful, especially when having to sort through all the websites of resources and scour for helpful articles. It’s easy to take on too much at once and get overwhelmed with the mass amounts of bookmarks and screenshots you’ve collected as you try just to begin to plan. In hopes of setting your mind at ease when it comes to the search of where to turn to for help, I’ve compiled this list of sites to help with your wedding planning in the Lake Tahoe area. You’ve got better things to do than stress over the little stuff! So sit back, relax, and do some browsing on these websites I’ve found to be great for those pre-planning …