Tips on Planning a Tahoe Winter Wedding

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The perfectly chic, winter wonderland wedding starts with finding the right location. You will be hard-pressed to find a venue more romantic than the snowy mountain tops of Lake Tahoe. The inviting chill and cozy backdrop of a Tahoe wedding can seem picturesque but can require a bit of skillful planning. Here’s how to turn your wooded, fairy-tale wedding into a reality without breaking the budget.

When to Book Your Date

Whether you dream of burgundy hues and gold or classic spruce tree elegance, all Tahoe couples can agree on one thing – all the pretty snow. Setting the perfect date for your wedding can make or break that dream. To ensure a serene background from the picture books, consider booking a date that doesn’t fall on a busy weekend. Lake Tahoe has an influx of tourist traffic during Christmas/New Year’s, Martin Luther King Weekend and President’s Weekend. You’ll still want a beautiful snowy-blanket to cover the grounds as you exchange vows so aim for late November.

How to Set the Stage

A winter wedding at the lake allows for an abundance of dreamy details that can overwhelm any couple. Welcome guests with a hot cocoa bar stocked with their favorite winter mixers like Peppermint Schnapps, Amaretto, and Grand Marnier. DIY pine cone fire starter favors or sends them home with baby spruce trees planted in tin cans. Hang white twinkle lights from the ceiling for a minimalist head table background or run plaid table runners for a more cozy landscape. Bring natural elements inside for cost-effective decor by using wooden escort cards holders, lining fireplace mantel with evergreen garland or light up your tables with pine-scented candles.

Finding the Right Dress

Don’t let the threat of cold weather dictate what dress you buy. Accessorize with a faux fur coat if your heart is set on a strapless gown. You’ll need to consider the logistics of walking in a snowy wonderland, too. You might like lace peep toe booties or white fur trim heels. Some couples might think they have to sacrifice style if they want to trudge around in the snow for a post-nuptial photo shoot but that’s not the case. You might find that an unconventional wedding day boot adds just the right amount of character to your bridal glam look. Search Pinterest for winter wedding boot and get creative!

Have a Backup Plan

You may think wedding day insurance is a necessity that you don’t need but bare in mind that Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Take out insurance for the big event so snow, sleet, and ice don’t ruin all the hard work and money you’ve put in. Reach out to your venue coordinator and ask what their policy is for inclement weather. Most venues won’t mind moving your set up inside for you if the weather doesn’t cooperate. The weather is beyond your control so try to remember not to stress.

A whimsical winter wedding in Lake Tahoe can be a dream come true with a few minor tweaks to traditional wedding planning. It’s important not to let the season control your wedding day wishes. Instead, be creative, and you’ll find that a frosty wintertime wedding can come true.