Five Stunning Locations for Lake Tahoe Wedding Photos

Five Stunning Locations for Lake Tahoe Wedding Photos

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You’ve made it through months of planning. You’ve chosen a destination, thrilled your second cousin’s daughter by asking her to be the flower girl, and picked the perfect table adornments. You’ve found the right cake, said, “yes” to the dress, and booked a honeymoon trip to die for. Destination weddings are all the rage these days, and Lake Tahoe doesn’t disappoint! If you are looking for the best locations to take photographs that will take your breath away for years to come, read on!

Hidden Beach

hidden beach engagementWhile Hidden Beach is located right next to Highway 28, it really is “hidden”! The beach is situated between giant boulders, hiding the highway from view. The beach provides a large sandy area, perfect for pictures, with the Lake as a stunning backdrop. Be aware that there is no specified parking for Hidden Beach. Beachgoers typically park along the highway and follow a dirt trail to the beach. Don’t be put off by the parking! It helps keep the beach more secluded, a real plus when you want to spend some time getting the best shots possible.



Aspen Grove

aspen grove weddingAn idyllic setting, Aspen Grove is tucked away amongst snow-capped mountains and towering Aspen trees. Aspen Grove is an ideal spot to capture dazzling wedding photos. From the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the spectacular blue of Lake Tahoe to the lush pine trees, your photographer will have no trouble finding scenery to backdrop dreamy wedding pictures. Aspen Grove is located on Third Creek and is situated right across the street from the beach. Other than the aesthetic value of Aspen Grove, it is also one of the most affordable choices on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.


Emerald Bay

emerald bay elopementDescribed as one of the most photographed places on Earth, Emerald Bay is a natural choice for your Lake Tahoe wedding. Emerald Bay has been preserved as a national park. It boasts pristine shores with breathtakingly blue water. But, that’s not the only choice for memorable photo opportunities. For a step away from the traditional beach photo, consider snapping some pictures at Vikingsholm Castle. The unique architecture might be just what you’re looking for! D.L. Bliss State Park is another choice for jaw-dropping views of Emerald Bay. With six miles of shoreline, you’re sure to find a fantastic spot to get some fabulous wedding pictures.


Logan Shoals Vista Point

logan shoals weddingLocated on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe, Logan Shoals Vista Point is a popular choice for weddings. Similar in look and feel to Emerald Bay, Logan Shoals is gorgeous in its own right. Between the deep blue waters of the Lake and Mount Tallac in the background, Logan Shoals provides views that will make your photos remarkable. At 300 feet high, this overlook is especially stunning for sunset photos. A bit of a hidden gem, Logan Shoals is easily accessible. Be aware that the USDA Forestry Service restricts the size of groups, usually a maximum of 20 people.

Sugar Pine Point State Park

Nothing less than beautiful, Sugar Pine boasts the tallest pine trees in the world. You can choose to have pictures that feature beaches and the lake or dense green forest, all in the same general location. Sugar Pine is rich in history. Consider the Hellman-Ehrmann Mansion as a great backdrop for photos with a vintage feel. The sandy beach is also located near the Pine Lodge mansion, both of which provide scenic backdrops for photographs of your big day. Remember that each location mentioned has their own rules and regulations for visitors, sometimes depending on the season. Even if your visit is just for photos, be sure to find out the particulars before you load up the wedding party!

Don’t Skimp on Photos!

So many decisions go into creating the perfect wedding. The least of which, should not be your choice of a photographer. Some decide that pictures are the place to shave the budget a bit. You may be thinking, “Uncle Herb has a great eye and a nice camera!” As good as Uncle Herb’s eye may be, consider the importance of having professional photographers capture the big moments of your day. A friend, relative, or any other amateur photographer doesn’t have the training or expertise to create the best possible representation of your wedding. Once a moment is gone, it’s gone, and professional wedding photographers know how to capture the significant moments (your beloved smashing cake in your face), as well as the little nuances that could be overlooked, (your dad discreetly wiping his eyes as you dance the night away).These are photos that you will treasure for the rest of your life. You won’t regret allowing Uncle Herb to just enjoy the wedding and entrusting a professional with your wedding pictures.