Heidi and Gavin: Boho, DIY Wedding at Basecamp Hotel, South Lake Tahoe

Nicky Byrnes Weddings

Oh my WORD these two. When Heidi, Gavin and I first talked I was already geeked on shooting their wedding because it would be held at one of my fav places in South Lake Tahoe, Basecamp Hotel! I love the modern, sleek vibe of the hotel, they recently remodeled to put in an awesome beer garden with multiple mountain-view decks, and the best part, they’re all about sustainability! Did I mention there’s a vintage airstream in the beer garden? No? Well there is and it is awesome.

Aaaaaanyhoo, of course I knew that Heidi and Gavin were my type of people. The whole day was just so peaceful and perfect. Gavin is so charming and funny, I definitely chuckled a little too hard way too many times. Heidi is just as friendly, smart, and witty as she is gorgeous and MAN does this girl know how to “smize.” I’m sad these guys live in Kansas City, Missouri because I can’t hang out with them all the time, but I know we will meet again!

Floral: The Groom’s Mom, Sheryl!

Hair and Makeup: The Bride!

Dress: BHLDN

Venue: Basecamp Hotel