5 Trends in Wedding Photography

5 Trends in Wedding Photography for 2016/2017

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Whether your wedding theme is traditional, avant garde or rustic and homey, you are likely to want your wedding photos to look and feel original. After all, the love that you share with your fiancé is as unique as your own individual personalities, and even if your wedding is rather conventional, your photos should be fresh and distinct. 

1. Candid Shots
Long gone are the days of rigid, posed photos filled with forced photos and predictable set ups. In 2016 and beyond, candid shots are far more personal and meaningful. You will really appreciate all of those personal photos in the years to come – candid shots help the memories last forever.

2. Classic Film
In this often purely digital age, film photography can provide a special character to the memories of your day. While digital photos are convenient and fantastic for many reasons, the richness and beauty of the day can be lost in the sheen and polish of the technology. If your wedding has any kind of a vintage flair (or even if it is ultra modern), classic film photography can add depth and interest to your photos.

3. Drone Shots
The film and photography world is abuzz with excitement about drone photo and video capabilities. If you are getting married in an outdoor location or a truly unique area, a drone can capture the sweeping vista and truly immortalize the entire day. Aerial photography is no longer just for celebrities – drones can capture your wedding in spectacular ideas that were never previously possible.

4. Wedding Hashtags
For most brides and grooms, social media plays a big role in the lead up to the big day. Shopping for waistcoats, rehearsal dinners, guests visiting from out of town – the lead up to the wedding day is all chronicled online. More and more, the happy couples are creating their own hashtags, encouraging all who attend to tag photos on Facebook and Instagram. Some of the funniest, sweetest and most interesting events of the day end up being captured by guests, and a hashtag allows you to compile them all into one digital place. Remember – choose a hashtag that has never been used before, otherwise you are likely to lose your special moments in a sea of others’ posts.

5. Vintage Post Production Edits

While your big day may have come to an end, your photographer is just getting started. One of the most popular trends in wedding photography today is to enhance colours, add faded washes and highlight certain tones with post production edits. Your photographer can give your photos a delightful vintage feel by adding washed out tones and deemphasizing the warm colours (red, yellow and orange). If you want to really add a vintage feel, ask your photographer to add textures and grainy effects – this will change the crispness of the digital film and give it a classic film camera ambiance.